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The How and Why a Kilby Cue is Different?

Since 1987 he has created cues for players of every level. In 1995 he began to focus on carom cues, with their traditional wood-thread joint and characteristics distinct from pool cues. His designs span a wide range, from traditional butterfly points to avant garde cues including precious stones, segmented, exotic inlays, and carbon shafts. His work, particularly in the carom world, has become instantly recognizable.

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Even as technology gave us improved materials, production efficiencies adopted them simply as modifications to the now standardized manufacturing process, with little thought to truly address GOAL number one – make a two-piece cue play like a one-piece cue

Threaded Shaft Joint

Aside from the aspect that traditional carom cues have wood joints, a wood joint contributes significantly to the overall performance of the cue. Those among us who have played pool or billiards for many years embrace an old axiom that we all are looking for a two-piece cue that hits like that great old house cue we remember from our favorite pool hall.


Ultimately, as a low volume producer and fully custom builder, Kilby can focus completely on ergonomics and performance.


Certainly no other aspect of cuemaking has received more attention, been the subject of more marketing hyperbole, and probably the object of litigation as well, than shafts. In addition to conical and parabolic carom shafts, he offers a conical carbon shaft and a parabolic pool shaft.

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