Welcome.  Within these pages you will find the work of custom cue maker Ron Kilby.  Since 1987 he has created cues for players of every level.  In 1995 he began to focus on carom cues, with their traditional wood-thread joint and characteristics distinct from pool cues.  His designs span a wide range, from traditional butterfly points to avant-garde cues including precious stones, scrimshaw ivory, exotic inlays, and segmented shafts.


About Us

Kilby Cues...

Mazin Shooni, 2006 USBA National Champion, has chosen to play a Kilby Cue.  Mr. Shooni, who obviously can select any cuemaker's work, prefers to play with a Kilby.   "The quality of a Kilby cue is impeccable. I would strongly recommend to three cushion billiard players at all levels to consider using a Kilby cue to enhance their game." Mazin's endorsement is highly valued, carrying both an award for our quality and the continuing challenge to deserve it.  We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

The Tour Companion

It’s always nice to have a traveling companion – it makes any trip more enjoyable.  Unfortunately, air travel security has declared our precious cues to be potential weapons and relegated them to the cargo hold, handled exactly like your worst nightmare !  To add possible injury to this insult, the distinctive look of a cue case makes it highly susceptible to theft, and we all have heard or experienced such disasters.

Well, fear no more!  Kilby Cues proudly presents the Tour Companion, a quality billiard cue designed to fit in a standard over-night suitcase.  This 3-piece cue comes in a custom leather roll-up case which you can conveniently place in your regular luggage and feel much more confident that it will arrive at your destination with you.  The Tour Companion comes with two shafts, Komori, European, or American tapers as desired, and Talisman tips.  Balance and hit are the same as your regular Kilby cue, so you won’t feel you’ve picked up a stranger.  If you travel and want to take your best game with you, get the Tour Companion, only available from Kilby Cues….  You will find an example listed on the Inventory page








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