Welcome.  Within these pages you will find the work of custom cue maker Ron Kilby.  Since 1987 he has created cues for players of every level.  In 1995 he began to focus on carom cues, with their traditional wood-thread joint and characteristics distinct from pool cues.  His designs span a wide range, from traditional butterfly points to avant-garde cues including precious stones, scrimshaw ivory, exotic inlays, and segmented shafts.


Welcome to the USBA

The USBA is the governing body for all Carom Billiard games in the USA, in particular, 3-Cushion Billiards.




Custom Cues:

While some customers order one of my “stock” patterns, the majority like to have custom touches added to their cue, combining design elements from two or more of the cues shown in the galleries. Some come to me with original designs which I do not duplicate in cues built for others. The general limitation on a custom design is that it be one I can build without CNC equipment, and that I think will result in a physically sound design; for example, I will not build a cue in which veneers cut through the centerline of the forearm as that makes the cue dependent on a glue joint, not a mechanically sound practice. Most custom designs are the result of numerous email exchanges with the customer until a final design is agreed.


Any cue shown can be delivered in either a pool or carom configuration by selecting the appropriate shafts.  The length of the butts are shown, e.g 28” or 29” etc.  The OAL of the cue will depend on the shaft length you wish, from 26 to 30 inches.  Many players select shafts with different configurations to provide flexibility in their game.  The weight of the cue shown assumes a shaft weight of 4.5 oz (135 gms).  We can adjust the weight of any cue upward by 1.5 oz maximum.


Feel free to select elements from the galleries and let’s begin a conversation.

For custom orders

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