Welcome.  Within these pages you will find the work of custom cue maker Ron Kilby.  Since 1987 he has created cues for players of every level.  In 1995 he began to focus on carom cues, with their traditional wood-thread joint and characteristics distinct from pool cues.  His designs span a wide range, from traditional butterfly points to avant-garde cues including precious stones, scrimshaw ivory, exotic inlays, and segmented shafts.


Kilby Cues happy customers


Mike, 2017

Ron, the cue arrived, and I want to tell you how pleased I am. The balance is perfect, the hit is firm but still sensitive, the points are crisp, and the wood you chose is excellent. As I've said before, you have a way with maple, not to mention ebony. Above all that, the cue just feels good. I tell myself that's the ebony, even though I know the finish comes between my hand and the wood. Nevertheless, the feel is there and has to come from somewhere. By the way, is the LD shaft the one with the black ring at the base of the joint? Anyway, thanks for putting in so much good work on such an unassuming appearing cue. There are more flashy cues out there, but this one feels good, hits well, and is precisely to my specifications. I don't know what more you can ask of a cue than that. Oh, yeah, and, as always, the joint protector are tiny works of art. Thanks and all my best --Mike

Richard, 2016

The last one you made me for small games, I tried 3c with it last night, I made a lot more shots, and my misses were very close. It allows such smooth cueing with its weight and I remember you said small tip means more spin, and seem like its beneficial for how I play the 11mm tip with the soft moori. It's gotten hard now no more deformation, it just feels right playing with that cue. More than the other two I have. I've even been playing straight pool with it, just with the 12mm shaft that has the kumui medium, really really good break shot, they spread very well, it's becoming my number one player.


Jack, Boston, 2010

Hi Ron, I received my Carom Cue in the mail today. Thank you!! I love it. The feel, the hit and it's a beautiful cue to boot. I don't think there's a better deal in the USA today. 2 shafts (made to my specs), joint protectors and shipping included. Keep up the good work.


Archie , East Coast, 2003

Hi Ron! Got the cue yesterday and shot with it last night. There is not a better feeling cue anywhere. The balance is remarkable without metal everywhere. I love it!! The snakewood sure set it off didn't it? It is a fine looking cue. Thanks for making it for me and I will appreciate it even more as I play with it and get to know it. I wish you the best. You and your work are tops in my book.


John , Southern Cal 2003

Ron, the cue arrived without any problems at all.  I got in about three hours with it this evening, split about evenly between the two shafts. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) I think I may prefer the laminated shaft by a little bit, though obviously I'll know better after several weeks instead of a few hours. You can't imagine how pleased I am...well, maybe you can, I guess, since I'm sure you know how good a product you're producing. The size of the tip and butt, the length, the weight and its distribution, the feel of the hit, even the sound, is exactly what I'd hoped for, though I couldn't have described it. Thank you very much.


Petr, France 2003

Hello, Ronald, this is Petr Shoat in Strasborg, France.  I purchased two cues from you in Las Vegas in July 2001.  I am very happy with them.  I just saw your new travel cue on your website and want to order one, 520 grammes, 11mm tips, please.  Please send me the cost delivered to me and I will send a bank chek immediately.  Also, I was in a billiard room in Mannheim Germany last month and met another player with one of your cues, Peter Druckmann.  We introduced ourselves when we recognized each others cues.  See, you are becoming famous here, too. 


JPB, Idaho 2002

I've never had a custom cue before and like the idea I have a one of a kind that I helped design. I also hit around with my Lucasi after playing with the custom cue for a while and could not believe how much better the Kilby felt. It was much nicer than the Lucasi and I like the Lucasi. I also compared it to a Huebler I have. I didn't like the Huebler to begin with which is why I got the Lucasi, so the comparison might be unfair. Needless to say, I much preferred the Kilby. So for those of you willing to try something different who see some merit in Kilby's philosophy about cuemaking, give him a shot. 


Bob, NJ -- First Cue 2003

WOW! WOW! and Double WOW! It arrived this morning around 11:00 AM. At 11:01 I was on the table with it. Feels, not just great, but stupendous! Almost like it's alive in your hands. Very stiff, but soft hit - if that makes any sense. I love it. It feels like I've been playing with it forever. I was afraid of a frustrating transition time, but it appears that is not going to be the case. Ron, you really outdid yourself on this one, and you're right, there will be people who will walk up to me and ask about the cue. If you weren't "discovered" before, you will be now. Thanks ever so much. I think we'll be doing another project soon. 


Bob, NJ -- Second Cue 2003

What can I say? It's magnificent! Can't wait to hit some balls with it tonight. Indexing the two butt pieces insures that I tighten it properly - nice side benefit. Really looks super - will definitely garner some oooohs and ahhhhs at the PH tonight.  Again a real home run! Can't thank you enough.  Adios.


Jack, Tampa FL, Second Cue 2003

Hi Ron, Cue arrived this afternoon, I am one very pleased pool player.   Man you are some kind of craftsman, not only does this cue look great, the balance is perfect for my stroke. There is no way this cue can live here without a mate. I mean who will it talk to when the pool table light goes out? I would like another to keep this one company, it is important for your cue to live in a pleasant environment, don't you agree?


J. Morgan, Annie Oakley Guns. Tampa, Florida

Being a gunsmith I often deal with close tolerances and precision fitting parts, contributing to a quality product. The pool player that is after a superb quality cue that meets and exceeds these requirements would be very pleased playing with a Ron Kilby made cue. I play with four of these quality cues, and I have never felt better about my game.


Raphael, Montreal Canada -- 2004

Mr. Kilby, I've had the cue now for two weeks and it exceeded every expectation.  But there is a problem -- I have to share it with my wife!  So, please build another, same design, same weight -- I don't expect to get this one back in the near future!  Wonderful work! 


Hal, Houston - 2004

Omigod!!!  I know I bent your ear a lot trying to get an idea of the hit, and now I understand why it was difficult!  I've been playing pool 40 years and nothing (!!!) compares to how this cue plays.  I've had it almost a month now and my wife thinks I've been kidnapped!  I've already been offered more for it than I paid!  You said I'd probably order another one -- well, get ready, as soon as I talk my wife into paying the ransom, I want another one! 


Jeff, Wisconsin - 2004

I'm floored by the way this cue plays...this is exactly what I've been looking for.  The hit/feedback are just perfect all the way across the powerband.  Great consistent feel and no harshness in the hit at all - even when you really really smack a ball.  You weren't kidding when you said your cues play like 1 piece cues...I love it!


Peter, Germany - 2004

Just one word Ron:  FANTASTIC!
This is by far the best balanced as well as best looking cue I have ever seen! Unbelievable...
Many thanks, now as I hold it in my hands I can only say that photos do no justice to this little gem --- not at all...


Kim S. H., Korea - 2004

Mr. Kilby, the cue is everything I had hoped for.  I know we sent many notes to each other on this, but I was still nervous when it finally arrived.  Most of my Korean friends thought I shouldn't order a cue from the U.S., but now they all want to play with it.  Thank you for making it a little shorter, it fits me very well.  I will send you my telephone number; if you can come to Seoul, we shall play together. 


B. Stanley The Great State of Texas (He insisted I put it that way) -- 2004

Ron, I've been playing with the pool cue you made me for almost two months now, and I have never played better.  I'm using the pool shaft for 9-ball and straight, and the carom taper for bartable 8-ball -- what a hammer!


Chris C., Northern Latitudes, 2005

The wood is beautiful, and so is the craftsmanship. You know how you usually have to play for a while to get used to a new cue? Not this time.   It was perfect in every way from the start. I'm not kidding. I couldn't believe it. I had total confidence in all my shots. I think I had my highest run in years, but I was too absorbed to really notice.  It's by far the best cue I've ever used, one- or two-piece, and in 35 years I've had a lot. Now I know why billiard players like wood joints so much. Why would anyone want a metal joint?  You have another customer for life!


Andy F., East Coast, 2005

The hit and playing characteristics of a pool cue are very subjective things to judge.  It depends on the combination of many factors (weight, balance point, joint design and material, shaft taper, tip, and much more) that meld into an overall performance that you either like or you don’t.  And this determination seems to vary from person to person.  All I know is that my new Kilby cue matches my style of play perfectly.


Since I got the cue I have spent over fifteen hours with it at the table and it’s like power steering.  I have never been able to shoot as accurately or as easily with any other cue.  I am also a musician (drummer) and the only parallel I can use to illustrate my experience with your cue is this.  If I have to play all night on a drum kit that isn’t “right” I’m exhausted by the end of the evening.  Not only that but my playing will degenerate little by little over the course of the gig.  Shooting a lot of pool with a cue that isn’t “right” will yield the same type of results over the course of a long session.  I find I can play many continuous hours of pool with my Kilby without losing my edge.  This is a very satisfying experience, which builds confidence as I go.


I wasn’t even looking and I’ve found my favorite playing cue.  That is unless the next cue I have you make for me can possibly feel any better in my hands.  Thank you very much.


Nasos V. Greece, 2008

Dear Ron,

The cue arrived yesterday after staying in greek customs for 2 days. Man, this cue is so beautiful I didn't even notice paying the $100 duty charged! The thing that catches my eye the most when buying cues is the wood selection. Hats off to your inventory... I am truly dazzled by the amount of lines and curls on the bubinga handle and the bocote butt section is already a subject discussed in my billiard hall!!! The matching wooden set of joint protectors just completes this flawlessly crafted piece of equipment. Questions: What are the three beautiful rings made of and how old are the woods?

This cue is a beauty but the fact remains that this becomes secondary when stroking the ball to make the point... The feeling of this cue in my hands is something my poor knowledge of the english language can't possibly describe! The weight and the balance is as if I was there with you and we adjusted it together! Although I strickly use moori medium tips (it's the first time I've had Talisman tips and to be honest they didn't fit my style) I can already see that this cue fits me perfectly. I could apply the exact amount of spin (english) needed to complete a track EVERY time and without effort (from day one mind you).. I'll definetely be in heaven when I switch to my familiar tips!

When I started playing 3 cushion billiards, my first cue was an Adam cue basic model. After two years I moved to a nice Schuler cue, bought from Greek champion Nikos Polychronopoulos, which I have until now. Of course I've played with other Longoni and Adam cues, Layani, Alcalde, etc. so I've seen it all! Or so I thought...With this cue I can totally feel the stiffness of the shaft which glides with ease through my firmly closed bridge (THIS is what I call a player's cue shaft finish!) and the feedback of the hit is just magnificent. Now I can fully understand your statement about selecting tone-woods and the satinwood is surely up there with the best. I played a 50 point set with a friend on a brand new Chevillotte table and averaged a little below 0.850 which is super since I haven't played for a long time and with a brand new instrument (and unfamiliar tips)!

Ending I would like to thank you for giving me a partner, or companion if you like, for the rest of my life. I can truly bond with this one.
We'll keep in touch since I'll be coming back for more soon!


Frank Sargent, 2013

Hi, Ron.

Sorry to have taken so very long to write and to send to you the testimonial I promised. Much happened to distract me from billiards for the past three or so months and I'm only now catching up on too many things.

I hope and trust that this message finds you and your loved ones doing well, along with making classical guitars and instruction and coaching in fencing. When we wrote in early February, you and your team were on your way to the Junior Olympics in Baltimore. I hope all went well for you and your team.

So here's my testimonial. It was a pleasure to write it:

"My Kilby cue is 57” long with a 29” one-piece butt of old and beautiful Bolivian Rosewood, with no wrap, an ivory joint collar, and standard joint and butt diameters. The shafts are 28” long solid maple with a taper similar to a Komori, and .625 long x 12.6 mm cylindrical Ivorine III ferrules with Hercules hard tips. The Rosewood is so dense that the cue weighs 19” ounces without a weight pin.

It’s hard to describe the difference between how a well made wooden-jointed cue feels versus other cues with other types of joints, but I’ll try…

I’ve played billiards with pool cues for over forty years, until 1996, when Paul Huebler made for me a 56” 20-ounce cue with a flat-face, wood-to-wood joint, a steel joint collar, and convex shafts with .75” long 12.75” Ivorine ferrules. It’s the hardest hitting cue I’ve ever used, harder still with Hercules hard tips. That cue is the other end of the cue universe from my Kilby.

I also have two twelve year old Hanbats, my first wooden-jointed cues, and the Kilby feels like the Hanbats, but takes things much further in the right direction. One of the other testimonials, by Andy F., a musician, said “If I have to play all night on a drum kit that isn’t “right” I’m exhausted by the end of the evening. Not only that, but my playing will degenerate little by little over the course of the gig.” I've had that experience, even with some well-respected carom cues. By contrast, I get more out of my Kilby - more English, follow, draw, and more distance than I expect - with less effort and less fatigue, even though I'm a fast player who often plays five hours or more by myself.

Another Kilby owner, Bob of NJ, said “Almost like it's alive in your hands. Very stiff, but soft hit - if that makes any sense.” It does make sense, now that I’ve experienced it, even with very stiff shafts with long, thick Ivorine ferrules and Hercules hard tips.

Jeff from Wisconsin said “…no harshness in the hit at all - even when you really really smack a ball. You weren't kidding when you said your cues play like 1 piece cues...I love it!” Me, too. I asked a friend who plays with one-piece cues to give my Kilby a try. He said it felt more like a one-piece cue than anything he’d ever used. As for power shots, I recently played a smash-through on a long rail and caught the rail four or five times within five diamonds before snapping out of the corner and reaching the other long rail with enough English to open the angle wide enough to hit a ball I otherwise would have missed. Smash-through double-the-rails shots are easier now too, and I’ve even made a few hook shots on a short rail (though honestly, I often luck into them when playing a perpendicular double-the-rail with lots of follow.)

Something else is the “feedback” I get from my Kilby. That’s harder to explain, but I’ll take a cue (pun intended) from Andy F and try another musical metaphor. I once played a bass fiddle for a few years. Later on I tried playing a Fender Jazz Bass, a very good electric bass guitar, and even though it’s a terrific instrument, it felt almost lifeless by comparison. With an acoustic bass, I felt the vibrations caused by what I did with it and I came to associate what I felt in the instrument with what I had just done, with how I was playing, and this feedback was a valuable guide for me and my playing improved. My Kilby cue is like that. I can feel what I’ve done with it and that helps me find my way toward how best to use it, how to stroke different kinds of shots. The results, as I’ve said, can be surprising.

So then, if you’re looking for a traditional wooden-jointed carom cue, very well made, with the knowledge and skill of someone who also makes classical guitars, Ron Kilby is the man. You’ll get something marvelous and beautiful, and for a price that can’t be matched."

Hope you like what I wrote, and that it brings you as much new work as you can handle.

All my best regards and best wishes,

Frank Sargent